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Five Big Storylines in Next Week's Corrie

The net is closing in on Geoff, Nick bumps into an old flame and there's an unexpected situation that the Platt's need to deal with...

1) A Sinkhole Appears on the Street

Yep. You read that right! A giant crater is due to appear in the Platt’s back garden, suffice to say that everyone is a bit shocked and it raises a ‘hole’ lot of questions...

Where did it come from?

Can it be fixed?

And more importantly, how will Gail react?!

2) Secret Sally

It's time for Sally to dust off her detective gear, as she sneaks into No. 6 and takes Geoff’s laptop.

With Faye’s help, they work on trying to retrieve some vital evidence...

And it’s not long until the police come knocking… 

Is the game finally up for Geoff?! 

3) Nick's Blast From The Past

At the hospital, Nick is taken aback when he bumps into his ex, Natasha! 

We're sure it won't be awkward though...

4) Tim's Mission

The fact that Geoff was the last person to see Elaine really plays on Tim and Alya’s minds.

Will they discover the truth about what has happened to her?

5) Asha is Playing With Fire

Dev is furious when he finds Asha and Corey together...

Especially after all the grief he has already caused her.

Perhaps Aadi can offer his sister some advice on how to tread more carefully with their dad?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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