Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

Next week on the Street: Bertie's christening descends into chaos, Peter continues his search for missing Carla, Seb's luck might be turning around, and can Rita offer Gemma some advice?

The Battle Of Bertie's Christening

The day of Bertie's Christening arrives, but will it all go to plan?
Probably not... as both sides are as stubborn as each other!
A food fight erupts between the Tinkers and Barlows!
But who will come out victorious!?

The Search for Carla

Desperate Peter searches for Carla in a dangerous looking squat.
Johnny is forced to step in when things get heated between Peter and one of the squatters, but will they find a clue to Carla's whereabouts?

Shark Bait

Brian and Cathy make a deal with Rick to pay off Alex's debts...
But, is Alex off the hook?

Unlucky Seb

Seb's shocked to hear that Gary's been beaten up and his van stolen!
But things might be looking up when he meets Alina, could there be a spark between them?
Later, Alina agrees to join Seb on a date!
However, Alina gets spooked when she spots someone she knows and leaves in a hurry! What is she so afraid of?

Mary's Collision Course

Jan accidentally crashes into Mary whilst on his bike!
Moira and Jan rush Mary to the medical centre. Will she be okay?
Later, Jan offers to buy Mary a drink...
But will Mary accept his apology?

Gemma's in Shock

Chesney is disappointed when Gemma says she's too ill (and hung over) to attend Bertie's Christening.
Gemma tries to make amends by cooking a fish pie but she falls asleep leaving it to burn!
Still feeling ill, Gemma pops in to see Rita who questions whether Gemma really is hungover. Perhaps she needs to take a pregnancy test!?
Later, Chesney finds Gemma feeling faint and insists she goes to the medical centre. Will she tell him what's really going on?

Feeling Suspicious?

Nick finds out that he wont receive a payout until the police investigation is complete.
But, Toyah is deeply suspicious about the whole thing, leaving Nick frustrated!

A Star Is Born

Paul suggests Kirk should sing a couple of his songs at the St George’s Day celebrations in the Rovers.
However, Beth steps in and insists he’d want paying... Could this be the start of a new career for Kirky?
Coronation Street