Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: This Week On Coronation Street

Coming up on the cobbles: Shona comes home for a visit but will Clayton's lies cause more trouble for David?

Welcome Home Shona

Shona's key worker Alice listens in horror as Clayton does his best to poison her mind against David.

Later, Shona visits Gail and Sarah but she’s clearly confused and can’t recognise Harry at all.

Will she even want to come home to a home she can’t remember?

Dangerous David

David is furious when he hears that Shona is being taken to visit Clayton and so heads out on another 'run'. 

David approaches some youths and purposely shoves one of them over and stamps on their bike. 

David sprints away as the lads give chase but has he bitten off more than he can chew this time?

Dev Tries To Help

Dev shows Asha an article about reputation management, a company that helps you to stay safe online.

Asha wishes Dev would just forget about it, but will he?


Chesney urges Gemma to share her vlog online but she refuses. 

However, when Bryn accidentally knocks a key on the laptop it goes live... What will Gemma say!?


The doctor warns that it’s too soon to be sure but Oliver may have suffered brain damage. 

Leanne refuses to believe it. Adamant that Oliver will make a full recovery.

Coronation Street