Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

Next week on the Street: Nick's arrested, Mary sets her sights on a new romance, Tim 'attempts' a health-kick and is Gemma leaving the Street for good?

Nick's Nightmare

Toyah and Leanne find the factory report hidden under the mattress! Will they believe Nick when he says it was planted?
Leanne's left shocked when Nick is accused of being in cahoots with Carla to damage the roof!
Later, are Nick's lies about to be exposed when Shona overhears his conversation with David?
Or can the brothers put Shona off the scent?

Peter's Struggle

Ken and Claudia worry that Peter is not coping with Carla’s disappearance. Can they help him?

Mary's Mix Up

Jan calls in the flower shop and buys an expensive bouquet. But who is it for?
Mary's surprised to discover he's bought the flowers for her.
Will she accept Jan's apology this time?
Later, in the Rovers Jan tries his best to repel Mary's advances.
But it's to no avail as a lovestruck Mary misreads the signals? How will Jan react?
On returning home, Mary is shocked to find Freda in number 3. What news does she have about Norris?

Tim's Just Desserts

Dev and Steve join Tim and Sally on their power walk. But what is Tim hiding?
But is Tim taking the health regime seriously?
How will Tim react when Sally empties a bag of treats into his lap and demands answers?
Will Sally be able to make Tim see the error of his ways?

Relationship on the Rocks?

When Ryan tries to comfort an upset Gemma, will Chesney jump to the wrong conclusion?
Gemma is determined that Chesney doesn't find out about the baby. But what is she planning to do?
Gemma tells Paul she's planning on leaving the Street to live with their mum!
Can Paul talk Gemma out of leaving, or will she be leaving for good?

Geoff's Gesture for Yasmeen

Yasmeen invites Sally and Tim round for a healthy meal in support of Tim's health regime.
However, Geoff's left upset when he reveals to Yasmeen that he'd had a romantic evening planned for them!

Abi's Story Telling

Abi attempts to write a short story and gives it to Brian for his comments. Will he approve?
But, once he realises Abi 'borrowed' the story from a TV series, how will he react?