Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

Next week on the Street: The Baileys move in! Nick and David go to war, Sarah's takes the lead (in more ways than one) and Michelle has a hot date...

New Family

Ken's sad to watch as Norris' things are emptied into a skip...
But the new owner, Ed, is amused when Ken mistakes him for a builder!
Things get awkward when Steve meets the new neighbours (especially as he tried to attack one of them a couple of weeks ago!)
How will Ed and Aggie react to the fact that James was run over!?

Michelle's Date

Michelle goes on a date... With Michael... At the Bistro... We're sure Robert will be FINE with it...
Michael invites Michelle back to his ‘bachelor pad’ for coffee but it turns out to be his mum and dad’s old house!
Later, Daniel tricks Robert into rushing to the Bistro for an emergency...
However, Michelle is waiting with a candle lit dinner. She tells him she still loves him, but will Robert want to rekindle the relationship?

Brothers At War

Nick is angry to learn that David is trying to make amends with the rest of the family while he is being shunned...
Knowing that David has an appointment at the police station, Nick locks the door. Will David have to fight his way out to get to the police on time?

Sarah Takes Charge

Adam has some big news for Sarah. Firstly, he reveals that he's refused to legally represent Nick.
Then he shocks her by hinting that Peter has asked Carla to agree to signing over the management of the factory to Sarah.
Later, Adam visits Sarah to tell her that she's officially in charge of the factory...
Overwhelmed with the news, Sarah kisses him!
But just as they're about to go upstairs their interrupted by a key in the door...
It's Gary! Bethany gave him a key to cook Sarah a surprise meal...
Adam quickly hides in the kitchen, but will Gary catch them?
Sarah can't get Gary out quick enough. Perhaps a drink in the Rovers will do the trick? But will that give Gary the wrong impression?
Adam is keen to find out their relationship status but Sarah doesn't want to discuss it...
But does Gary overhear everything?

Poetry Slam

Abi and Brian continue their lessons - this week it's poetry!
In the process, Brian explains a poem using the mystery of Roy's Mother's ring as an analogy.
But Roy is not at all happy that Brian is talking about his mother and rushes them out of the cafe. Why is he so sensitive about the subject all of a sudden?

A Tale Of Whoa!

When Tim heads off to the stables to check on Tiny, he finds the horse missing! Where has he gone?

Beth and Bertie

Beth notes the amount of time Bertie has been spending with Ken - is she jealous?
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