Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

Next week on the Street: Carla confesses all! Nick has a plan for Underworld, Sinead starts a new venture and Gary's in big trouble...

Public Enemy Number One

Overwhelmed with guilt at Rana's memorial, Carla admits that she knew about the roof. What will Kate say when she finds out!?
Later, the police might have a few questions for their number one suspect...
When Roy hears the truth, it's the last straw and he sends a devastated Carla packing!
Can Peter offer her somewhere to stay?

Saving Underworld

Nick calls a meeting to speak about the future of the factory.
But will they like what he's got up his sleeves?

Sinead Strikes (Beard) Oil

Claudia buys Sinead and Daniel a baby monitor as Baby Bertie's welcome home present.
We hope it doesn't accidentally pick up an awkward conversation, which EVERYONE will hear...
Later, Sinead overhears Sean complaining about the shaving products at the barbers and comes up with a great idea!
She presents David and Nick with her homemade organic beard oils. David’s impressed, could this be the start of a new career for Sinead?

Trouble For Tim?

Tim starts the week feeling quite unwell...
But when he gets pains in his chest and arm, worried Sally calls an ambulance!
As Sally fusses around Tim at the hospital, the doctor returns. What will they discover?

Goodbye Gina?

A reluctant Gina tells Sally she's leaving Weatherfield for a fresh start.
Can Sally find it in her heart to forgive her sister and convince her to stay?

Chesney's Nightmare

Chesney’s honoured to be asked to be Bertie’s Godfather.
But when he arrives home, he's shocked by what he discovers!
Gemma is covered in blood, bound and gagged!
Horrified, Chesney calls the police... Will Gemma be okay?

Paul settles in on the Street

Rita sends Billy and Paul on the same paper round in a bid to set them up! Do you think it will work?
Later, Gemma and Paul check out their new sound system and smoke machine!
Chesney is horrified to see smoke billowing from under the front door and storms in, expecting the worse!
A furious Chesney can't believe what Gemma and Paul have done. Can they make it up to him?

Power Struggle

Michelle’s furious when Robert reveals he’s staying at the Bistro...
So, she's going to love it when he hires someone to replace Ryan without her knowledge!

Brian's Bean Had!

Things get competitive between green-fingered Brian and Geoff.
We're sure Geoff won't cheat by trying to pass off supermarket broad beans as his own... Right?


Gary's money woes are far worse than he's been letting on, having taken out a huge loan from Rick.
Gary’s hopeful that the money from Peter will be enough to get him off his back, but it looks like Rick has other ideas...
Coronation Street