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Preview Pictures: Attack Aftermath

The consequences of the attack on Seb and Nina ripple out across the Street. Also: Baby Glory comes home and can Daniel tutor Sam?

Look Closer: Nina and Seb's Story


Billy’s horrified to hear how Summer went joyriding in a stolen car with Corey and his mates. 

Can he convince her to tell the police what she knows? 

Later, a guilt-ridden Summer confides in Paul how she feels partly to blame for the attack as she should have made Kelly leave when she did. 


A troubled Asha meets with Amy but they’re interrupted by a desperately worried Dev. 

Can he convince her to leave Corey and come home? 


Corey’s dad, Stefan pays him a visit.

How will Corey react when he tells him to cut all ties with Kelly immediately.


Toyah’s stunned when the police turn up at the flat to arrest Kelly! 

Imran warns Kelly to be honest with the police and to tell them what happened.

But Kelly also has her mum telling her to keep quiet and tell them nothing...

Whose advice will she listen to?

Later, Laura spits at Toyah and Imran that once Kelly’s been released she’s wants her daughter back living with her again. How do you think that will go down? 

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Elsewhere on the Street...

Glory's Home

It's all smiles at the Bailey's house when Michael and Grace finally return home with baby Glory.

Ed’s over the moon and enjoys making a fuss of them, perhaps a little too much?

Sometime later, Ed gets the message and agrees to visit Aggie in order to give the new family a little bit of space. 

As he’s leaving Ronnie makes a couple of light-hearted jibes, but Ed fails to see the funny side. It looks like the family has a long way to go before they’re back on good terms. 


Daniel arrives for Sam’s English lesson but is taken aback when Sam reveals he’s set him a test to make sure he’s up to the job.  

Good luck Daniel..!

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