Preview Pictures: Christmas On The Cobbles

Coming up this Christmas: Jenny is full of Christmas spirits, Daniel attempts to cook dinner, it's confession time for Tim and will Lewis make Santa's naughty list?

Jenny is full of Christmas Spirits

Johnny and Jenny - Coronation Street - ITV
Johnny hosts the Christmas Eve pub quiz but when Jenny gets too drunk, Johnny snaps at her.
Johnny and Jenny - Coronation Street - ITV
Worried Gemma asks if Johnny is being abusive. Jenny, of course, denies it but Gemma is still suspicious.
Jenny - Coronation Street - ITV
Later, after a big row with Johnny, Jenny turns to the bottle again. Will she be okay?

Is Lewis Naughty Or Nice?

Nick, Audrey and Lewis - Coronation Street - ITV
Audrey decides the Platts should go to the Bistro for Christmas dinner, so that Bethany can be with them.
Shona, Bethany, David, Sarah and Gary - Coronation Street - ITV
Not everyone is keen until Audrey hints that she's planning to share out her windfall with the family...
Shona, David, Gail, Lewis and Audrey - Coronation Street - ITV
During the meal Gail arrives back from Milan!
Gail - Coronation Street - ITV
Looking shifty, Lewis takes a phone call outside but Gail follows him. What will she overhear?
Lewis - Coronation Street - ITV
Detective Gail follows Lewis to a posh hotel and watches in anger as he wines and dines a glamorous woman.
Gail - Coronation Street - ITV
A furious Gail manages to take a sneaky picture of them as they enter the hotel bedroom...
Lewis and Audrey - Coronation Street - ITV
How will Audrey react when Gail presents her with the evidence!?

Kenneth Of The Bells

Sinead and Daniel - Coronation Street - ITV
Daniel and Sinead - Coronation Street - ITV
Daniel and Sinead host a Vegan Christmas Day for their families.
Ken, Kirk and Beth - Coronation Street - ITV
Ken produces a set of handbells and insists they make their own music - you can imagine Beth's reaction...
Sinead - Coronation Street - ITV
But later, Sinead gets upset when she overhears Daniel confiding in Peter that he’s worried she’s going to die.

Tim's Nightmare Before Christmas

Gina and Tim - Coronation Street - ITV
Abi, Sally and Marcia
When Sally sticks up for Abi, Marcia roughly grabs her. Are things about to get to worse inside for Sally?
Tim and Gina - Coronation Street - ITV
Tim tells a stunned Gina that he's disgusted with what he's done.
Sally and Tim - Coronation Street - ITV
It’s Christmas Day when Tim drops a bombshell on Sally. How will she cope with the devastating news?

The Ghost of Barlows Past

Simon and Peter - Coronation Street - ITV
In the snooker hall, Peter and Simon find snooker cues in positioned as pentagrams and 666 scrawled on the wall in chalk. What’s going on!?