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Preview Pictures - Coming up on Corrie!

Next week: Daisy meddles with Ryan and Alya. Also, Todd pops the question and Gail heads off on an adventure.

Daisy Meddles

Ryan agrees to apply for a job at the bistro. 

Alya arrives for a party wearing the same dress as Daisy, she’s convinced she’s been set up. Is Alya just being paranoid? 

Later, Daisy makes a move on Ryan!

Will Ryan give in to the temptation of her wicked charms?

Todd Proposes!

Todd pops the question! But what will Billy's answer be?

Fiz's Ultimatum!

Fiz gives Tyrone an ultimatum. Either he tells the girls about the baby today or else she will! 

Gail's Adventure

Sam’s is gutted to find that Gail has booked a one way ticket to Thailand.

When will she return? Will she ever return?!

Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street