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Preview Pictures: Coming Up On Corrie

This week on the Street: What will Nina do when she discovers that Corey is getting an award...

Corey's Win

Nina’s in self destruct mode as she invites herself out drinking with Daisy.

But just as Daisy is about to safely hand Nina back to Roy, she leaps into a taxi leaving them both worried sick about what she might get up to. 

Later, Nina spots Corey showing off his latest football award with none other than Tommy Orpington! 

Tommy and Corey try to get away from Nina, but as they leave she picks up the award and follows them. What will she do?

Freda's Back!

Chesney invites Freda round to talk about the pros and cons of baby Aled's operation. 

However Gemma remains resolute that Aled shouldn’t go through with it.

Fiz's Big Night Out

Fiz, is determined to have a great night out but her heart sinks when Alina arrives dressed to the nines, closely followed by Tyrone in his new get up. 

But will Fiz have the last laugh after all?

Leanne's Choice

DS Glynn warns Harvey that his intimidation tactics won't work.

Later, he pays Leanne a visit and underlines how important her evidence is in order to put Harvey away. Will Leanne agree?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street