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This week on the Street: Will Peter and Carla say "I do" before it's too late?

Mr and Mrs Barlow?

A nervous Peter reveals he’s got an appointment at the transplant centre to assess if he’s a suitable candidate for a liver transplant.

Later, Daniel voices his suspicions about Carla having an affair with Lucas.

Will Carla tell him their plan? Of course she will!

But when the big day arrives, Peter stumbles walking to the car. Daniel insists he should take him to hospital but Peter is having none of it. 

Will they manage to say I do before it’s too late?

They will if Carla has anything to do with it!

Cathy in the Crosshairs

As the campaign against Cathy continues, she gets sent a funeral wreath sent to the Kabin.

Later, Gemma is horrified when she comes across a deepfake video of Cathy online. Is there anything they can do about it?

Welcome to the Family

Gail’s upset to learn that Nick’s done a flit with Leanne and Simon without even saying goodbye.

Later, over a glass of wine, Gail assures Natasha that she’s family now, no matter what happens between her and Nick.

The Results Are In!

Michael and James stare anxiously at the envelope...

What will the DNA results reveal?

No Home For Tyrone

Maria tears a strip off Tyrone for his treatment of Fiz. 

But Kevin leaps to his mate’s defence and is quick to point out that she’s hardly one to talk… 

Later, Abi puts pressure on Kevin talk to Tyrone about living arrangements, isn’t it time he moved out? 

With no other option, Tyrone makes plans to move back into the family home.

But not before telling Alina how he really feels… 

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