Preview Pictures: Coming up on the Cobbles

This week on the Street: Roy helps Nina with her project, Fiz faces the music, Bernie takes aim at Kel and will Geoff finally be caught out?

Roy Cropper: Fashionista

Nina and Roy - Coronation Street - ITV
After Richard’s funeral, Roy goes to check up on Nina and is horrified to see her front door splattered with eggs - what has happened?
Nina and Roy - Coronation Street - ITV
Later, Roy finds Nina fretting over her coursework and offers Hayley’s old sewing machine to help. Nina’s touched and asks him to stay and be her model.
Nina and Roy - Coronation Street - ITV
As she makes adjustments to the corset Roy chats about Hayley and the difficulties she encountered as trans gender. Will Nina start to warm to him?

Fitz faces the music

Fiz - Coronation Street - ITV
Fiz reveals to the police how she unwittingly bought a gun as part of a house clearance, it disappeared and she panicked.
Fiz - Coronation Street - ITV
As Fiz pleads guilty to possessing a firearm without a licence what will her punishment be?
Hope and Tyrone - Coronation Street - ITV
Back home, Tyrone tries to question Hope about her injuries and the lies she told about Mummy, will Hope remain silent?

If in doubt, get married?

Steve and Tracy - Coronation Street - ITV
In an attempt to rebuild their marriage, Steve gets down on one knee and asks Tracy to re-marry him.
Steve and Tracy - Coronation Street - ITV
How will she react?

Geoff caught out?

Yasmeen and Geoff - Coronation Street - ITV
As Geoff and Yasmeen row about her cleaning efforts Geoff accidentally falls and hits his face on a table.
Yasmeen, Geoff and Cathy - Coronation Street - ITV
Geoff launches into another tirade of abuse unaware that Cathy has witnessed it all. Grabbing her bag, a shocked Cathy hurries out.
Geoff and Brian - Coronation Street - ITV
Later, Brian expresses his concerns for Yasmeen to Geoff who makes out that Yasmeen is actually an alcoholic and he’s trying to help.
Geoff and Brian - Coronation Street - ITV
Will Brian fall for his lies?

Catching Kel

Sean and Bernie - Coronation Street - ITV
Bernie confides in Sean how she’s been posing as a 14 year old boy online in order to catfish Kel.
Bernie and Kel - Coronation Street - ITV
Can Paul and Gemma get to Bernie in time before she gets herself into real trouble?