Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

Coming Up: Is it game over for Kayla? Carla makes an offer and Tyrone gets some devastating news.

Game Over?

After reassuring Craig he doesn't have to do his rituals the pair head out in Kayla's car.
But then she deliberately slams the breaks on, blaming a cat in the road.
Causing Audrey and Gail to crash into them!
As Kayla fakes an injury, Craig is worried it is all his fault.
Later, when Bethany realises Craig has missed his police medical, she calls at Kayla's to see if he is there.
Having left Craig at the hospital, Kayla is at home and reluctantly lets Bethany in.
A horrified Bethany spots a photo of Neil and Kayla - what will she do now she knows the truth!?
A furious Kayla kidnaps Bethany and ties her up in the garage.
Leaving a terrified Bethany bound and gagged in the house, Kayla returns to the hospital to find Craig.
She tries to convince him that Bethany is a liar and that she cheated on Nathan with other men by choice. Will a fragile and confused Craig believe her lies?

Maria's New Job?

Carla offers to fund Maria's business, if she can provide a business plan.
Meanwhile in Audrey's salon, an old friend and rival pays her a visit!
Over lunch Claudia can't help lording it over Audrey about how well her business is doing and how she plans to expand her empire.
Later, Claudia suggests to Maria that she might like her to run one of her salons. How will Audrey react?

Eva's Goodbye

In the Rovers, Toyah and Leanne receive a letter from Eva.
How will they react when they realise she's left Weatherfield?

A New Rovers?

Gemma and Henry talk about the changes they are going to make to the Rovers.
Will it be a dream come true?

Summer The Samaritan

In Roys Rolls, Summer discovers she has been nominated for a Good Samaritan Award.
Summer is taken back, whilst Billy is bursting with pride for her.

Jack's Sepsis

The Websters prepare to move Jack to a rehab centre in Liverpool.
Struggling with his emotions, Kevin shuts Sophie out and refuses her offer to help with Jack's move.

Tyrone's Tragedy

Tyrone is shocked when there is a knock at the door and it's the police.
How will Tyrone react when the police officer reveals that his mum, Jackie, has died?
Coronation Street