Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

Coming up on the cobbles: There's trouble ahead for Tyrone, Seb makes a shocking discovery. And, are Phelan's dodgy deals back to haunt Eileen?

Trouble for Tyrone

Tyrone panics when Hope and Cerberus disappear!
Could this be the final straw for Tyrone and Fiz?

Sisters, Secrets and Shenanigans

Toyah storms into the Solicitor's to give Imran a piece of her mind. However, passion soon gets the better of them and they end up kissing!
Later, Shona does a little bit of matchmaking which gives Nick and Leanne a shove in the right direction.
But Toyah and Imran are already in the flat when they arrive! Imran has no choice but to hide on the balcony - is he in for a cold night?

Family Night

Amy reminds Steve and Tracy that under their new contract it's family night! But when Amy suggests they cancel, Tracy grows suspicious that she has a crush on someone!
Steve and Tracy insist Amy joins them for dinner, what could possibly go wrong!?

Sinead's Confession

Daniel feels the baby kick, telling Sinead he is the happiest man alive!
Sinead later confesses to a shocked Billy that she has not been attending her chemo sessions. How will he react?
And, there's devastating news for Sinead when she arrives at the hospital and Steff's husband explains that her cancer has spread and she only has days to live.

Brian's Bully

Brian reveals that on top of the school play, Phil has piled even more work on him. Can Cathy come to his rescue?

Phelan's Ill-Gotten Gains

Seb uncovers the result of one of Phelan’s dodgy deals - an envelope full of cash! But what will they do with it!?
Coronation Street