Preview Pictures: A Heartbreaking Week On The Cobbles

Coming up on the Street: Sinead says a final farewell to her loved ones and David finds himself caught up in a prison riot alongside rapist Josh...

Sinead's Last Christmas

Kirk, Beth, Craig, Sinead and Daniel - Coronation Street - ITV
Daniel is taken aback to clock Kirk, Beth and Craig in festive jumpers.
Sinead and Daniel - Coronation Street - ITV
Daniel’s insists Sinead’s far too ill for their surprise Christmas but having followed Daniel out Sinead thinks it’s the best idea ever!
Kirk, Daniel, Sinead, Ken and Tracy - Coronation Street - ITV
Despite her obvious pain, Sinead’s determined to enjoy herself as the Barlows and Tinkers sit down to Christmas lunch.
Craig, Kirk, Daniel, Sinead, Ken and Tracy - Coronation Street - ITV
But will Daniel’s over protectiveness causes some friction?

Sinead's Final Farewell

Bethany and Daniel - Coronation Street - ITV
Later, Bethany finds Daniel sobbing in the ginnel.
Bethany and Daniel - Coronation Street - ITV
Breaking down in Bethany’s arms, Daniel wishes he could make everything better.
Sinead - Coronation Street - ITV
Daniel returns home where Sinead reveals that she’s read Bethany’s short story and it’s clear she’s in love with him.
Daniel and Sinead  - Coronation Street - ITV
Daniel tries to deny there’s any truth in it but Sinead suspects he’s lying. Will Daniel be honest with her?
Beth, Kirk and Sinead - Coronation Street - ITV
Sinead wakes up to find her family gathered around her bed. She takes comfort from listening to them bicker over inconsequential nonsense.
Adam and Daniel - Coronation Street - ITV
Adam finds Daniel in the ginnel, drunk and in self-destruct mode. Can he get through to him, before it’s too late?
Tinkers and Barlows - Coronation Street - ITV
The Tinkers and the Barlows gather in the Rovers as they share fond and amusing stories of Sinead. Until Beth takes a call from Daniel...

Gail's Back!

Gail - Coronation Street - ITV
Gail returns from Thailand, and just in the nick of time
Bethany and Gail - Coronation Street - ITV
as Tracy and Sally tear a strip off Bethany...

David Predicts A Riot

David - Coronation Street - ITV
As a riot breaks out in the prison. David retreats to his cell, desperate to keep his nose clean.
David and Abe - Coronation Street - ITV
Suddenly, Abe drags a terrified Josh into David’s cell and handing David the scissors, tells him to do his worst.
David - Coronation Street - ITV
David tells Abe that he wants to deal with Josh alone.
David and Josh - Coronation Street - ITV
What is David planning to do!?


Sarah, Marion, Max and Shona - Coronation Street - ITV
Shona and Max finally make peace, although Marion is less enthusiastic when he says he wants to move back home.
Max, Shona and Sarah - Coronation Street - ITV
But then a horrified Max shows Shona and Sarah a video of the prison riot with Josh collapsing from a stab wound and David stood nearby!
David and Imran - Coronation Street - ITV
This looks like a job for Imran! Will the police believe David when he denies attacking Josh?