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This week on the street: Ray has been plotting, but will his true colours be revealed? Also, David is heading towards a disaster and Maria makes a massive mistake.

Alerting Alya

Bethany is concerned after Ray tells Alya that he’s booked a posh suite at a hotel so that she can meet an interior designer.
She warns Alya that his intentions are probably not what they seem...
Later, Alya confronts Ray. What will he say?

Abi's Plan

Abi turns up to a charity gala with a plan for Ray.
What is she up to?

David's heading for a crash

David goes to see Shona in Leeds. However, will she want to see him?
Later, David opens up to Maria about how difficult the situation is. Will she be able to help?
Exhausted David can barely keep his eyes open when driving the kids to school and crashes into a skip!
Will they all be okay?

Alina's Home

Alina is back in Weatherfield and looking for somewhere to stay. Can Emma and Seb help?

Bad Romance?

Daniel announces to everyone that he and Bethany are an item. We're sure they'll all be fine with it...

Hello Danny

Ed is thrilled to discover that his mate Danny is working at the Bistro.
What will James say when Danny reveals that he’s come out since they last spoke?

Maria's Mistake

An upset Maria confides her suspicions about Gary to Ali and they share a passionate kiss!
Later, Maria confronts Gary, but when Ryan and Ike back up his movements, will Maria realise she’s made a big mistake?