Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: Maria vs Pollution and other stories

This week on the cobbles: Maria strikes back against pollution. Michael's Grace period is up and Phelan returns to the Street!

Maria Connor: Eco Warrior

Liam’s upset when the doctor tells him he has to start using inhalers and Maria’s shocked to learn that air pollution caused by traffic fumes is a common cause of the condition. 

Back on the Street, Sally is chuffed when Maria tells her she was wrong for dismissing her concerns about the parking problem and volunteers to support her campaign.    

But when Maria decides that Underworld’s van is responsible for a large share of local air pollution things get a little out of hand…

We've Got A Bad Phelan About This

An outraged Todd storms out of the Undertakers' storeroom clutching Phelan’s ashes! 

Apparently George hasn’t been able to find the right moment to tell Eileen about them. 

What will they do?

Honesty Is The Best Policy?

When Grace mentions wanting to set up home with Michael and Glory, Ed offers to help them out. 

But Michael is having doubts, so Ronnie encourages some good old-fashioned honesty.

What could possibly go wrong? 

Defending Kelly

Gary’s eager for news on Kelly’s trial but Maria warns him that if he gets involved again, she’ll walk! 

Meanwhile, Simon visits a terrified Kelly, who is convinced she will end up in prison for life. 

Imran and Sabeen lock horns at the pre-trial review. Does Imran have something up his sleeves? 


Daisy urges Ronnie to make a move on Jenny before she’s snapped up by someone else.

Abi learns that Tommy Orpington has been asked to be a character witness for Corey.

And, Emma spies Tyrone and Fiz having a secret chat. Very suspicious… 

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