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Preview Pictures: Next week on the Street!

Coming up: Emma is under pressure to tell the truth, but what will she do? Also: Michael is surprised to bump into Grace and Geoff is up to his usual tricks...

Money Mishap

Imran is horrified to learn where Emma received the money from to pay for Oliver’s legal fees. He tells her to be honest with the police.

Will she take his advice?

Later, Steve tells Leanne about the money mishap and says that if anyone finds out they will be in a heap of trouble!

What will they decide to do?

Bad Boyfriend Material

Asha is smitten with Corey but Aadi isn’t impressed.

Especially when Corey shows his nasty streak.

And it looks like Aadi isn’t the only one who he’s upset… Dev is on the warpath!

But what has Corey done to make Dev so angry?

Brotherly Advice

Michael is shocked to bump into Grace at the hospital.

We wonder what will she'll have to say for herself!

Later, James advises his brother to steer well away from Grace and her lies.

But will Michael listen!?

Party Pooper

As Sally, Tim, Faye and Debbie try to enjoy a celebration in the garden, Geoff does his best to spoil their fun. 

Debbie isn’t impressed. Will she have some enlightening advice for Sally?

Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street