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Preview Pictures: Coming Up On Coronation Street

Coming up: The walls are rapidly closing in on Geoff, but how far will he go to cover his tracks? Also: Adam and Maria are suspicious of Gary and Leanne continues to struggle.

Will Geoff get caught out?

Elaine introduces herself to Sally and tells her all about Geoff’s dark past.

But as Elaine heads out, she’s horrified when Geoff approaches her instead!

How far will he go to protect himself!?

When the police turn up, Geoff spins his lies.

But after hearing the argument between Geoff and Elaine earlier, Faye is suspicious.

With the walls rapidly closing in on him, what will he do next?

Sarah Covers For Gary

Sarah visits Gary and he begs her to not tell the truth.

Meanwhile, Carla tells Maria that Gary has decided to not increase the rent at the factory, leaving Maria worried about their income.

Later, Maria quizzes Gary and wonders if he still has feelings for Sarah. 

Adam is also quizzing Sarah. When she fails to mention Gary’s change of heart about the rent, he’s livid.

Will Adam and Maria work out what’s going on?

Gemma Puts Her Foot In It

When Jenny sympathises with Abi over her situation with the twins, Gemma says it would kill her to be separated from the quads. 

Clearly upset, Abi flees. Will she be okay?

Leanne’s Grief Continues

An old friend of Leanne’s ask after Oliver and Leanne makes out that he’s fine.

But when her friend heads off, Leanne is overwhelmed with grief. 

Later, she admits to Toyah that she’s ashamed of herself for lying. 

Will Toyah be able to help her sister?

Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street