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Preview Pictures: Coming Up On Coronation Street

Coming up: The fight for the Street is still on but will Abi push Ray too far? Also, Michael is in for a shock and Johnny's time is up!

Rallying Together

The residents are devastated when it is announced that the development can go ahead.

Ray and Debbie agree to steamroll ahead with their plans.

Which is bad news for David, as he discovers his locks have been changed!

The outlook for Sally and Tim doesn't look good either…

But what do the people of Weatherfield do best? Make a scene of course!

They won’t go down without a fight.

But neither will Ray… What will he do next?

Who’s The Daddy?

Michael is shocked to find Grace on his doorstep.

Can he trust her after everything she has put him through?

It looks like a paternity test is on the cards!

Although we have a feeling that Aggie might have a couple of words for Grace before that...

Johnny Faces Justice

Johnny’s fate hangs in the balance as Imran pleads for the Judge to show leniency. 

What will his outcome be?

Second Chances

Arthur tells Evelyn that he’s moving to Canada and he wants her to come too!

What will her answer be!?

Helping Leanne

Dr Gaddas is taken aback by the state of Leanne’s flat. 

Although Leanne assures her that it’s due to lack of sleep.

Later, Simon is horrified to find Leanne passed out next to a bottle of sleeping tablets.

Can he get her some help in time?

If you have been affected by Leanne’s story, please visit our advice page.

Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street