Preview Pictures: What's coming up on Coronation Street?

Coming up: Yasmeen faces the consequences of her actions, but will Imran and Alya be able to help? Also: Gary defends Kelly and Nina is the new hero on the block!

The Aftermath

Tim runs towards Geoff and Yasmeen’s house but the police won't allow him inside.

Meanwhile, Yasmeen arrives at the police station to find Imran waiting for her.

During her initial interview, a bewildered Yasmeen is charged, but will Imran be able to help with her case?

Later, Alya tries desperately to tell the police that Geoff has been controlling her gran for months.

Will she be able to expose the truth?

A hero emerges from the shadows

As Asha, Amy and Dev make their way down the cobbles, a group of lads start pointing and laughing at Asha.

When Nina notices what’s happening, she heads over and punches one of the lads. Go Nina!

Gary leaps to the defence 

When Dev blames Kelly for causing all this trouble, Gary leaps to her defence. 

But when Adam notices the commotion, it leaves him intrigued about Gary’s involvement. 

Will he unearth Gary’s secret?