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Preview Pictures: A Closer Look At Next Week's Drama

Coming up: Todd’s back! But where he goes, trouble tends to follow! Also: It's Sally and Tim's big day and Nick introduces Sam to the family...

Todd’s Return

Eileen meets up with Todd and he admits that he’s in trouble (nothing new there)!

How will Eileen respond after three years of not seeing him?

And when a menacing man steps out from the shadows, is it too late for them both!?

Here Comes The Bride('s Interfering Father-in-Law)

Tim warns Geoff to steer clear of the wedding.

Although we have a sneaky suspicion that he will try to interfere on the big day.

But not if Abi has anything to do with it!

Can she keep him away from their big day or will Geoff win yet again?

Happy Families

Nicks drops a bombshell on Gail as she discovers that he has a son!

She's delighted to meet Sam online and find out more about him.

But when it's Leanne's turn to meet him, will things go as smoothly?

Or will it all be too much for her to deal with?

Home Is Where Geoff Isn't

Yasmeen admits that she's dreading the trial and feels safe in prison where she's away from Geoff.

Can Alya persuade her to see things differently and fight for her freedom?

Good Samaritan?

Johnny keeps a close eye on Scott as he makes a cash donation towards Oliver's cause.

Where did he get the money from?

Keep up to date with all the latest Corrie goings-on here.

Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street