Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Street

Coming up: Nina, Mary, Evelyn and Toyah cause trouble at a protest, will Imran be able to help? Also: Gemma’s anxiety increases and there’s heartbreak in store for Emma.

Rallying Up Trouble

Evelyn, Toyah, Mary, Nina, Roy and Imran - Coronation Street - ITV

Nina, Mary, Evelyn and Toyah rally together to take part in a zero carbon protest. But when things don’t quite end up to plan, they end up at the police station!

Roy and Imran - Coronation Street - ITV

Will Imran and Roy be able to save the day?

Things Get Worse For Gemma

Gemma and Chesney - Coronation Street - ITV

Gemma’s anxiety reaches its peak as she accidentally leaves the quads on a bus!

Gemma and Chesney - Coronation Street - ITV

Chesney rushes to the rescue but worried about Gemma’s state of mind, will he be able to get her help?

Rita, Gemma, Chesney and Bernie - Coronation Street - ITV

With the support from her loved ones, Gemma admits that she feels like a terrible mother and doesn’t feel in control.

Gemma, Chesney and Rita - Coronation Street - ITV

Can they offer her the support she needs?

Gary's Past Catches Up With Him

Kelly, Summer and Asha - Coronation Street - ITV

Kelly (Rick's daughter) approaches Asha and Summer and explains that she’s just started at Weatherfield High.

Summer, Asha, Kelly and Gary - Coronation Street - ITV

But when Gary spies her, how will he react?

Heartbreak For Emma

Emma and Seb - Coronation Street - ITV

Emma tells Seb he needs to move out, but when he refuses, the atmosphere takes a turn and Emma starts to thrown Seb’s things out of the window.

Emma, Seb and Steve - Coronation Street - ITV

Steve clocks the commotion and heads on over.

Steve - Coronation Street - ITV

Will he be able to offer a solution?

Yasmeen Takes A Stand

Yasmeen - Coronation Street - ITV

Yasmeen agrees to meet with two police officers who reveal Geoff’s criminal past.  But just how much danger is Yasmeen in?