Preview Pictures: Coming Up On Corrie

Coming up soon: Yasmeen takes to the stand, but what will she plead? Also: Sally doesn't want Geoff in the house and Carla is visited by a mysterious stranger.

Yasmeen Takes To The Stand

Alya and Ryan - Coronation Street - ITV

Alya watches on nervously as it’s time for Yasmeen to plead her case.

Yasmeen - Coronation Street - ITV

But will she plead guilty, or not guilty?

Looking for Laura

Gary and Laura - Coronation Street - ITV

With the help of a private investigator, Gary manages to track down Kelly’s mum, Laura.

Gary and Laura - Coronation Street - ITV

Should Laura be worried when he confronts her?

Laura and Adam - Coronation Street - ITV

Later, Adam spots her in the cafe. He secretly slips his wedding ring off and turns the charm on. 

Adam and Laura - Coronation Street - ITV

What is he up to?

Forcing Geoff Out

Tim and Geoff - Coronation Street - ITV

Sally tells Tim that she wants Geoff to move back into his place, regardless of how guilty Tim feels...

Tim and Geoff - Coronation Street - ITV

Is Sally starting to see Geoff’s true colours?

Trouble ahead for Dev

Dev and Asha  - Coronation Street - ITV

Dev orders a celebratory take-out for Asha because of her new positive attitude towards school. 

Dev and Asha  - Coronation Street - ITV

But as Mary and the twins enjoy their food, Dev secretly logs onto a loans website.

Dev - Coronation Street - ITV

How much is he struggling financially?

Carla’s Past Catches Up With Her

Carla and Chelsey -Coronation Street - ITV

A young woman called Chelsey recognises Carla in the Rovers and questions Sean about her.

Carla and Chelsey - Coronation Street - ITV

Later, Chelsey follows her into the toilets and tells Carla that she knows her, but who is this mystery girl?