Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On Corrie

Coming up soon: Yasmeen takes to the stand, but what will she plead? Also: Sally doesn't want Geoff in the house and Carla is visited by a mysterious stranger.

Yasmeen Takes To The Stand

Alya watches on nervously as it’s time for Yasmeen to plead her case.

But will she plead guilty, or not guilty?

Looking for Laura

With the help of a private investigator, Gary manages to track down Kelly’s mum, Laura.

Should Laura be worried when he confronts her?

Later, Adam spots her in the cafe. He secretly slips his wedding ring off and turns the charm on. 

What is he up to?

Forcing Geoff Out

Sally tells Tim that she wants Geoff to move back into his place, regardless of how guilty Tim feels...

Is Sally starting to see Geoff’s true colours?

Trouble ahead for Dev

Dev orders a celebratory take-out for Asha because of her new positive attitude towards school. 

But as Mary and the twins enjoy their food, Dev secretly logs onto a loans website.

How much is he struggling financially?

Carla’s Past Catches Up With Her

A young woman called Chelsey recognises Carla in the Rovers and questions Sean about her.

Later, Chelsey follows her into the toilets and tells Carla that she knows her, but who is this mystery girl?

Coronation Street