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Preview Pictures: Coming Up Next Week

Next week: Todd decides to become a better person, but we're not quite sure about that one!

Todd Faces The Music

Todd tells Mary that he intends on becoming a better person, starting with community service.

Hopefully he won't bump into any angry exes...

Uh oh!

Alina's Heartbreak

Tyrone lies about where he found the missing flat keys.

And it's not long until Alina confronts Rachel about the fire!

Will Tyrone tell her the truth?

And how will Alina feel when she catches him in another lie?

Nina's Project

Nina and Asha start working on a memorial garden.

But soon enough, they find that it's been trashed.

Will they find out who it was?

Elsewhere On The Cobbles...

David's car has been found with a huge dent in it!

Daisy sets her sights on Daniel.

And there's some familiar faces interesting in buying the Bistro...

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street