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Coming up: A drunken Paul turns up at the flat just as the Bishop arrives, will this impact the outcome of Billy's interview? Also: Adam gets flirty and Sean starts a new venture.

An Awkward Encounter

Billy tells Nina that he’s eagerly awaiting a visit from the Bishop.

Fingers crossed that he’s got the job!

Meanwhile, Paul’s dislike for Todd grows by the second... surely it's not the best idea to add wine into the equation!

What will happen when the Bishop and a drunken Paul arrive at the flat at the same time?! 


Emotions Run High

Adam asks Alina if she would like to go out with him sometime. 

And Sarah isn’t too happy when she catches them flirting outside of the factory!

She launches a tirade of abuse at him, completely unaware that Carla is approaching with a new client… 

Uh oh, will this damage Underworld’s reputation?

Sean’s New Venture

Determined to find a new career, Sean heads to a sales seminar and Michael tags along too. 

Returning on a high, he persuades George to let him try out some new beauty products on him.

Is this a new path for Sean to explore? 

Oliver’s Court Case

Steve and Leanne look on as Dr Howarth gives her professional opinion on Oliver’s condition. 

A decision is made that in Oliver’s best interests, his life support should be withdrawn.

Later, Steve tells Leanne that despite the fact she wants to appeal, he is going to stick by what the court has ruled. 

If you've been affected by Oliver's story, please visit: itv.com/advice

Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street