Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: This Week On The Street

Nathan proposes, will Bethany say yes? Todd issues an ultimatum to Billy and have Tracy and Amy gone on the run?

When Mary sees an upset Bethany she takes her to the flower shop for a chat.
Nathan finds Bethany and turns on the charm as he attempts to convince her to come home with him. But how much has Bethany said to Mary?
As Bethany apologises to Nathan for her behaviour has he got her right where he wants her?
Bethany promises Nathan she'll do anything for him and in return he asks her to marry him. Will Bethany say yes?
Sarah calls at the salon in an attempt to mend fences.
Sarah tells Bethany that while she doesn't approve of her relationship she will always support her.
With Sarah gone, Neil arrives with his mate, Ian. What do they want?
Todd admits that he doesn't want a child, let alone somebody else's and tells Billy that he will have to choose between them!
Amy is unimpressed to find herself staying at a cottage in the Peak District with Tracy.
Meanwhile, Ken and Steve mull over Tracy's sudden departure, both now fearful she may have done a runner with Amy to avoid the police.
Sporting his new police uniform, Craig waits in the Rovers for his tutor constable.
Maria's quietly pleased when Aidan quizzes David about their relationship.
But she's horrified when David manipulates Aidan into taking her to his business lunch. That is until David points out she can have some fun at Aidan's expense.
At the lunch, Maria masquerades as Eva, regaling her audience with hilarious stories about Aidan. How will he react?
Coronation Street