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Preview Pictures: This Week On The Street

Sally takes a stand, wedding planning gets too much for Johnny, there's some good news for David and the police would like a word with Peter...

Sally faces her fears

As Tim worries about Sally she paints on a smile, adamant she's going to fulfil her council duties. Flanked by Rosie and Sophie, Sally arrives at the Town Hall for the LGBTQI event.
Fearful that someone is planning an attack on Sally, Tim follows. As Sally gives her speech, Tim notices a woman break away from the crowd on her phone.
Convinced she's Sally's stalker, Tim grabs the phone and stamps on it. We're sure the police might have something to say about that!
Determined to track down Sally's online troll, Rosie and Sophie pay the Gazette offices a visit.
Rosie comes face to face with the photographer who twisted her words during Sally's building site protest - will she be able to get the information from him?

Trouble for Johnny

Reading Johnny discomfort as wedding nerves, Michelle assures him it's quite normal to have second thoughts.
Jenny is furious, and accusing Michelle of sabotaging her wedding, sacks her as their wedding planner.
Later, Johnny stumbles as he leaves the pub.
Kate is convinced he's drinking too much but Johnny brushes her off - is everything okay?

Nathan reels Bethany back in

Bethany apologises to Nathan for overreacting and begs him to give her another chance. Will Nathan agree?

David hits the jackpot

Having clocked the tension between Aidan and Maria, David is intrigued.
Maria admits they had an affair but he refused to leave Eva for her.
But when Audrey reveals that David and Maria have been winding her up. Gail resolves to get even!
Later, David discovers that his old client, Mrs Moss, has left him something in her will - what could it be?
When Sarah lets slip to Gary about David's windfall, Gary's furious, pointing out that he nearly killed Anna who's struggling to make ends meet...

Peter arrested?

Toyah and Peter prepare to head to the clinic for her egg harvesting
But, they're interrupted by the police who arrest Peter on an assault charge!
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Coronation Street