Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Street

Coming up: Adam's detective work pays off, but will Sarah side with Gary? Also: Alya goads Geoff and Chesney reveals all!

Adam Investigates

Adam is interested when Bernie tells him that she found a watch in the woods with the name 'Rick" engraved on the back.

His intrigue is piqued when he learns that Gary seemed keen to get his hands on it. 

With all of the clues put together, he demands that Sarah tells him everything she knows about Gary and Rick.

Will Sarah reveal the whole story?

And how will Adam react?

Chesney Reveals All

Whilst Gemma is live streaming her latest vlog, Chesney walks in half naked!

He’s absolutely mortified, will he will become a laughing stock?

Alya Goads Geoff

Sally suggests that Alya should buy Geoff out of Speed Daal.

But when Geoff refuses, will Alya take great delight in telling him where she received the money from?

Good News For Toyah

Toyah excitedly tells Imran that the fostering is back on. 

But will everything continue to go smoothly for the pair?

Abi’s Change of Heart

Abi decides to say goodbye to the twins before they emigrate and begs Seb to speak to the social worker on her behalf.

But after her running out on the last meet, will she be given another chance?

Steve is Struggling

Leanne finds Steve arguing with Nina in the cafe. 

Realising that the stress of Oliver’s illness is getting to him, Leanne gently ushers him away.

Will he be okay?