Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: Mon 10 Oct - Fri 14 Oct

This week on the Street: Steve gets some shocking news from Jim, David is hell-bent on revenge, Faye has a new boyfriend (don't tell Anna!) and Sarah discovers Bethany's diet pills!

Steve breaks the news to Michelle that he had a call from Jim to tell him he's got Myotonic Dystrophy - it's genetic and both he and their baby are at risk.
But of course Michelle isn't the only one pregnant with Steve's baby...
How will Leanne and Nick cope with the news? Especially when Steve decides that he's not going to have the genetic test as he'd rather not know.
When Nick and Leanne quiz Rana about MD, she's taken aback to realise they know about Steve and Michelle's situation. Can Leanne cover?
Making her mind up, Leanne decides she will stop at nothing to get the results she needs from Steve.
But what does that mean for Michelle!?
David calls at the garage and, laser-focused on revenge, makes Tyrone, Luke and Freddie an offer they can't refuse...
Confident he's got his mum off his back, he borrows Nick car.
and drives to the court-house where he fine tunes his plans for revenge on Clayton.
After David leaves, Gail opens her son's laptop and finds a video. Her blood runs cold as she watches it in horror at what David's planning to do.
Anna lets herself in to Izzy's flat looking for Faye who's supposed to be baby sitting.
How will she react when she finds her with a boy!?
Seb does his best and even succeeds in winning Anna over...
As Faye sees Seb onto his bus, she tentatively asks about the expensive gift he bought her but will she get the answer she wants?
Sarah sees red when she discovers Bethany's diet pills...
Bethany breaks down, coming clean to Sarah about how, in desperation, she started taking diet pills even though Gary had warned her not to.
Sarah's horrified to realise Gary knew what was going on - will this throw their blossoming romance into dangerous territory?
Coronation Street