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Preview Pictures: Mon 11 April - Fri 15 April

This week on Coronation Street: Gary is arrested! Who is Maria's mystery man? Nick gets angry and Norris makes an enemy of Tyrone...

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Izzy begs a reluctant Gary to buy her more cannabis. Sharif is suspicious when Dane appears at the gym and calls the police.
The police arrive just as Gary is given the drugs and he’s arrested for possession!
Mortified by what’s happened, Izzy hands herself in at the police station but will she make matters worse for Gary?
Maria’s home but it looks like she’s bought back more baggage than she intended…
Maria’s got some explaining to do when Luke catches her having lunch with the mysterious Pablo!
In a desperate bid to win Luke back, Maria dons a lion costume and approaches the garage.
David, Tyrone and Kevin watch on amused as Maria declares her undying love for him. Will it work!?
How could it not!? Luke gets down on one knee and proposes to Maria! Will she say yes?
Bethany’s bullies get more than they bargained for when uncle Nick completely loses it!
Grabbing Lauren’s bag, Nick furiously hurls it onto the road - leaving the girls shocked!
Nick confesses to David how he completely lost control and worries that he has to accept he's brain damaged for life.
Billy tells Sarah he might have to postpone Harry's christening, he’s taken aback when Sarah reacts angrily insisting it has to take place on Monday!
And, when the iron street signs go missing from the walls, Norris accuses Tyrone of stealing them for scrap metal!
How will Tyrone react?
Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street