Preview Pictures: Coming up on Coronation Street

Coming up: David plays vigilante! Yasmeen steels herself for her hearing, Leanne and Steve worry about Oliver and James sees red!


David heads to a rough estate looking for trouble. 

He spots some drug dealers and leaps onto the bonnet of their car.

What is going through David’s mind? Will he make it out of the estate in one piece?

To Bail Or Not To Bail

Imran represents Yasmeen at her bail hearing. 

With support from Imran, Alya and her friends.

What will be the outcome?

Baby Oliver

Leanne and Steve are horrified to realise that Oliver has suffered another seizure.

Leanne, Steve and Nick are united in their terror. Will Oliver be okay?

James Sees Red

As Tim and James chat, they're approached by a County fan who spits a tirade of homophobic abuse towards James.

Tim is forced to step in to restrain James and calm the situation down.

Will James be okay?