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Preview Pictures: Next Week On Corrie

Next week: Abi returns, but what has she got planned?! Also: Imran comes clean and the Alahans plan a trip.

Abi Returns Home

Kevin is over the moon to find that Abi has returned!

He and Jack pull out all of the stops to welcome her home.

But when she can’t promise she will be staying for long, they aren't happy. 

And when Nina calls round, she becomes suspicious of Abi's behaviour.

What is she planning!?

Imran Comes Clean

An excited Toyah tells Imran that they’re going to be fostering a four-year-old.

Later, he admits that he's being blackmailed.

With the support of Toyah, can he stand up to Sabeen?

Sibling Rivalry

Asha takes the plunge and asks Nina out.

But after a run in with a hostile Abi, Nina turns her down. 

Never fear, Dev is here! He asks Asha to join him and Aadi on a trip to cheer her up.

Which results in Aadi feeling like once again, Asha comes first. 

How will the holiday go!?

Natasha's Dilemma

Natasha sees the salon as a business opportunity. 

But her dreams are dashed when Gail reminds her that she offered to pay for the sinkhole repairs.

Can Audrey save the day?


Things turn awkward when Johnny spots Jenny on a date with a younger man.

Dev tries to charm Natasha, but we’re not sure that it’ll work...

And Imran faces the wrath of Rita!

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street