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9 Unmissable Corrie Moments

You need to see what's coming up on Coronation Street!

Roy and Cathy's Wedding

It's Roy and Cathy's big day!
And everyone gathers to celebrate their wedding.
Whilst Nessa nips off to make sure Roy's ready, Cathy takes out her Dictaphone intending to go over her vows one last time, will she discover the accidental recording of Roy's confession?
Nervous Roy awaits Cathy's arrival.
Covering her shock, Cathy walks down the aisle and joins Roy.
Will everything go ahead as planned?

Farewell Michael

Gail asks Andy to accompany her when she scatters Michael's ashes.
As they say goodbye an emotional Andy vows he'll get to the bottom of what happened to Michael.

Things get worse for Anna

Anna confides in Kevin that Peter wants her out of the flat as he's moving back in.
Upset Anna also tells Kevin she won't be going to Roy and Cathy's wedding as her scars are so painful, how will Kevin comfort her?

Phelan's End?

Phelan discovers the hate mail which Eileen's been keeping from him and is touched that she's been trying to spare his feelings.
Pat moves in for a kiss but Eileen recoils and suggests he should move out.
Clearly seething, Kevin accuses Phelan of deliberately setting out to destroy Anna.
When Phelan mocks him, Kevin flies at him in a rage!
But Luke arrives, hauling Kevin away.
Later that evening, as Phelan locks up the Builder's Yard...
Andy appears from the shadows and hits him over the head with a brick!
Has Karma finally caught up with Phelan?
As Phelan lies unconscious in a hospital bed, Eileen confides in Todd that Anna's been sending him hate mail and she suspects Kevin may have attacked him.
Will Phelan regain consciousness or has Andy but an end to his evil deeds once and for all?
The police call at the garage and question Kevin. Kevin admits he hates Phelan's guts but assures them he didn't try to kill him.

Is Luke boyfriend material?

Calling at the garage Tracy begs Luke to join them for tea as Amy is convinced he's her boyfriend.
Much to Kevin and Tyrone's amusement! What will Luke's reaction be?

Peter extends an olive branch

In an attempt to call a truce, Peter offers to run Robert and Nick to a wine tasting and thanks Nick for all that he's done for Simon, will this thaw Nick?

McDonald baby news

Michelle and Steve discover the sex of their baby!

Is Robert setting himself up for heartbreak?

With no taxis available, Robert's stressed, wondering how they're going to deliver a huge food order. When Michelle offers to drive the Bistro van, Robert kisses her fondly.
Which doesn't go unnoticed by Zeedan. Is he onto something?
Excited at the prospect of Robert moving in, Liz sets about cleaning the back room but will Robert trust his growing reservations over his feelings for Michelle?

A night out for David

Billy, Todd, Sinead and Chesney convince David to go into town but as they hit the dance floor David props up the bar.
A woman called Shona tries to chat him up but David's unresponsive.
However things turn from bad to worse for David when he makes a shocking discovery.
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