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PICTURES: 5 Things To Watch Out For In Next Week Corrie

From fake funerals and conspiracies to close shaves and mysteries - check out all the drama from next week's Coronation Street!

1. Shona Cuts It Close

David has his work cut out for him with Shona this week.

First, he catches her trying to take Max’s medication.

Next, she invites a load of randoms back to theirs for a party.

And then, Shona decides to “help out” at the barbers…

We don’t think this is going to end well!

2. Gary's Good Fortune

Struggling Gary admits to Fiz that he might have to cut her hours.

But not long after, Ray makes a bid to buy the factory of him!

Maria urges Gary to bite Ray's hand off, as it means she could buy the barber shop.

But when Gary hears that Ray offered to buy David’s house too it gets him thinking...

3. Scott Steps On It

Scott makes Johnny an offer he can’t refuse. 

Or if he does, Scott will blab to Jenny all about Johnny’s dark past!

But does Johnny really strike you as the best choice of getaway driver?

4. What happens at the Lakes, stays at the Lakes

Evelyn and Arthur are planning a trip to the lakes - but not before see lays down some ground rules regarding their sleeping arrangements.

But their trip is mysteriously cut short and their stories full of holes, can Tyrone get to the bottom of what happened? 

5. RIP Todd

George comes up with a plan to save Todd from Mick, by staging his funeral!

But will Eileen go along with the plan?

Of course, it all comes back to bite them when Mick holds the Grimshaws at gunpoint! 

Will they all get out okay?

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