Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Street

Coming up on Coronation Street: Asha faces the ultimate betrayal of trust. Also: Oliver is rushed to hospital and Ken challenges Charles to a duel!

Asha's Nightmare Begins

Corey, Amy, Kelly and Asha - Coronation Street - ITV

At Amy's house party, Asha confides in her best friend that she sent Corey a risky video of herself...

Corey, Kelly, Asha, Amy and Summer - Coronation Street - ITV

When the house gets swamped by gatecrashers, a furious Amy points the finger at new girl Kelly.

Kelly - Coronation Street - ITV

Later, she sends pictures of Asha's video around the group chat.

Asha - Coronation Street - ITV

When Asha returns home, she is horrified to see that naked pictures of herself have been shared.

Asha - Coronation Street - ITV

What will she do?

Say Hello To Scott

Liz and Scott - Coronation Street - ITV

Scott arrives at the Rovers and is keen to take a room at at their B&B long term.

Liz and Scott - Coronation Street - ITV

Of course, Liz is immediately smitten..!

Taking The Piste

Ken and Claudia - Coronation Street - ITV

Ken and Charles take to the fencing piste. Whilst the battle commences, Norris rummages through Charles’ bag and finds the Stillwaters rule book!

Ken, Claudia and Norris - Coronation Street - ITV

What shocking truth will they discover?

Poorly Oliver

Leanne, Nick, Steve and Oliver - Coronation Street - ITV

Oliver falls ill and Steve rushes him to hospital. Leanne arrives and immediately blames Steve because he was supposed to be looking after him. Will Oliver be okay?

A Blossoming Romance

Evelyn and Arthur - Coronation Street - ITV

Elsewhere, Evelyn and Arthur meet up for another date. Will things continue to go smoothly between the pair?