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Bethany falls deeper down the rabbit hole, Simon stands up for Leanne, Sinead makes a decision and will Alya have a happy birthday?

Nathan enlists Mel's help with Bethany

Mel calls at No.8 and tells Bethany how disappointed Nathan is that she's not been in touch. Bethany worries that he probably thinks she's just a silly little girl.
Handing Bethany a beautiful necklace, Mel explains that Nathan bought it for her next video shoot.
Bethany meets up with Nathan, where he admits how much he fancies her...
Utterly thrilled, Bethany leans in for a kiss and Nathan responds passionately.
Later in the salon, Mel sets to work on Bethany's makeup, however they're interrupted by the police who arrest Nathan on suspicion of the abduction of Annabel Adams!

The Nazir's pull together

When Zeedan finds some pills in Yasmeen’s handbag, he’s shocked at the cause of her anxiety.
Realising they're partly to blame for their grandmother's stress, Zeedan and Alya finally bury the hatchet.
Which is just in time for Alya's birthday!
As the Birthday Girl, Rana and Kate head into town to celebrate!

Bethany falls under Nathan's spell

Mel takes Bethany into town and plies her with vodka.
As Bethany staggers out of the club, Rana spots her and realising she's drunk, offers to take her home.
However Nathan pulls up in his car and opening the door for Bethany assures Rana he's a friend and he'll take care of her.
Nathan takes Bethany back to his flat.
Bethany apologises profusely for questioning his innocence and swears that from now on she will trust him implicitly.

Rosie gets Adam thinking

Adam quizzes Rosie about the drugs and oblivious to his intentions she tells him everything.
Adam phones a contact in the States and having double-checked that Rosie's boyfriend's been locked up, forms a plan…

Sinead makes her choice

As Chesney continues to goad Daniel, Fiz and Kirk beg him to stop.
Seeing how upset Sinead is, Daniel promises her she can stay with him.
Having failed to get hold of Daniel, Ken calls at his flat and is taken aback to see Sinead there in a state of undress.
Ken tears a strip off Daniel for putting his love life before his career.

Sophie's sacrifice

Sophie and Tyrone have an honest chat about how hard up Kevin is.
Sophie tells Kevin she's resigning from the garage and handing back her 21% share in order to save the business. Will he accept?

Simon stands up for his mum

Will Leanne go to far as she tears a strip off Toyah and Peter?
Feeling protective, Simon orders Toyah and Eva to stop hounding Leanne as it's only causing her blood pressure to go up. Will they listen?
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