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Nathan sinks his claws in

When Nathan is arrested just before his dinner with the Platts, Bethany gives a false alibi, making out Nathan was with her on the evening of the alleged assault.
Over dinner Nathan does his best to charm Sarah, promising her he only has Bethany's best interests at heart.
Gary is unconvinced but Sarah insists she has little choice but to accept Nathan if she wants to remain on good terms with her daughter.
As Bethany sets off for an evening at Nathan’s she's touched that Sarah's treating her as adult, but it's clear it's a strain for Sarah.
Meanwhile Bethany feels awkward when she arrives at the party and all the guests bar Mel are men.

A damsel in distress?

Chloe bumps into Peter and feigning tears tells him her ex is stalking her.
Peter insists on driving her home and making sure the coast is clear...

Maria's free!

Johnny offers to pay for a holiday for Maria and Liam in return for her silence about Aidan.
How will Maria react to this, has Johnny made matters worse?
Back in the Salon, when Gail spots David and Maria having a laugh together she decides they'd make a great couple.
But how will they respond to Gail's notion?

An inkling of trouble for Faye

Phelan slips Seb some cash and advises him to get Faye a birthday present if he wants to keep her sweet.
But when Anna discovers Faye got a tattoo she's fuming! Especially when Faye admits that Seb supplied her with fake ID.
Izzy later finds an upset Faye and realising the tattoo has become infected marches her off to A&E where Faye comes face to face with her past.

Michelle causes issues for Leanne

Leanne promises Steve she'll talk to Nick about access arrangements.
As he and Liz cuddle Oli, Leanne takes a picture of the three of them on Steve's phone.
Leanne’s alarmed to learn that Nick organised a meeting to discuss stopping Steve getting access to Oli.
Realising what's going on, Michelle texts the photo of Steve, Liz and Oli to Nick - how will he react?
As Leanne registers Oli's birth, Steve bursts in and demands to be named on the birth certificate. How will Leanne react?
Later, Robert warns Michelle she's playing with fire as she plies Nick with wine. Ignoring his words she invites Nick back to the salon flat.
What does Michelle have planned?
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Coronation Street