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Preview Pictures: Coming Up Next Week

Coming up: Ray continues his campaign against the Street! Also: Todd is up to no good and Sarah seeks revenge...

Ray Versus... Well, Everyone

Debbie tries to persuade Gary to reconsider working alongside her and Ray again.

Meanwhile, Ray tries to win Faye round.

Luckily Maria arrives and sends Ray packing.

Later, even Debbie starts to lose her patience...

As tension continues to rise between the pair.

How will this standoff end?

Todd Is Up To No Good

When Paul kindly offers to let Todd into the flat, he seizes the opportunity to snoop.

But when Billy returns home unexpectedly, he’s skeptical of Todd’s explanation.

Can Todd win him round?

Or are they both making a big mistake?

Sarah's Revenge

Sarah calls the police and tells them she knows where a body is buried.

Later, when Gary confronts her, she denies having any involvement. 

But will he believe her?

Good News For Toyah

Toyah cautiously tells Leanne that her and Imran have been accepted as foster parents.

Will Leanne take the good news well?

Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street