Coronation Street

6 Reasons Not To Miss Coronation Street

Does Michael have what it takes to bring down Phelan? Gary learns the truth about David and the Barlow boys return to Weatherfield.

Michael gets the dirt on Phelan

Michael overhears Phelan on the phone to Vinny. Hellbent on proving he is trying to fleece Eileen, will Michael get the evidence he so desperately needs?
Unable to hold his tongue, Michael accuses him of hiding something in his rucksack.
With all eyes on Phelan, what trick does he have up his sleeve to escape this conundrum?
Anna agrees to stall Phelan for Michael.
Which doesn't go exactly according to plan...
As Michael breaks into the building site offices.
He's thrilled to come across the fake passport and ticket to Mexico but his delight is short lived as he looks up to see Phelan approaching menacingly.
Clutching the fake passport and ticket, Michael tells Phelan the game's up but will Phelan roll over that easily?

Gary learns the truth

Gary and Sarah admit they're falling for each other.
But Gary is furious to realise the true reason Anna was caught in the fire.
Gary storms into the Salon and, seeing red, punches David!
Blaming David for scarring Anna for life, who will Sarah side with?

The Barlow boys return

A flashy new Jaguar parks outside Underworld. Adam Barlow steps out, strolls into the factory office and helps himself to some whisky.
Arriving back from a meeting, outraged Johnny and Aidan order him out!
Meanwhile at the hospital, Ken's been getting regular visits from his son Daniel.
Which comes as a huge surprise to Peter and Tracy, especially as Ken has been refusing to see them!
Adam and Daniel join Tracy, Amy, Peter and Simon for a meal in the Bistro.
When Robert is introduced as Tracy's cheating ex, Adam immediately starts complaining about the food to get a rise out of him.
Tracy's delighted as the two men square up, but what other tricks does Adam have up his sleeve?

Maria is arrested for murder

The police arrest Maria on suspicion of murder.
Aidan worries as it looks like the walls are closing in on Maria, how is she going to get out of this one?
Johnny and Jenny begin to root through the factory bin looking for something.
Will they blow Maria's secret wide open?

Brian's back

Brian returns with news of his break up with Julie and a new job as Weatherfield council's Recycling Czar.
Roy introduces Brian to Cathy but when Cathy talks excitedly about their forthcoming wedding, how will Roy cover his discomfort?

Craig plays gooseberry

When Craig tells Seb not to involve Faye with his knock-off gear, cocky Seb laughs in his face before cancelling his date with Faye.
Telling Faye how Craig threatened him. Could this drive a wedge between Faye and Craig's friendship?
Coronation Street