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The Battersby sisters take on Chloe, Sarah swoops in to rescue Bethany but will she want to be saved? Kate is worried about Johnny and will Oliver's naming ceremony go as planned?

Nick half-heartedly invites Steve to Oliver's naming ceremony. Sensing he's not welcome, Steve declines.
But as the Battersbys and Platts gather in the bistro for Oliver's naming ceremony Nick is nowhere to be seen.
David finds him drunk and wallowing in self pity. David urges his brother to be grateful for what he's got.
Dragging a reluctant Steve to the Bistro, Liz tears a strip off Leanne.
With everyone at each other's throats and Nick a no show will the naming ceremony go ahead?
Later, Toyah marches into the bistro and accusing Nick of bullying Leanne because he's jealous of Steve and Peter.
Toyah's on the roll this week when with the help of Leanne goes to confront Chloe - can they convince her to drop the assault charges?
Peter calls the IVF clinic to make an appointment but is shocked to discover that Toyah went ahead with the implant behind his back.
Furious, Peter confronts Toyah. As their row escalates Toyah admits she suspects he's guilty of attacking both Chloe and Ken. Where does that leave their relationship?
Anna spots Faye in Phelan’s van and climbs in demanding answers.
Faye admits Phelan's been giving her lifts to the Young Offenders' Unit to visit Seb and in a fury, Anna drives off!
Pat's going to love this...
When Nathan suggests they throw another party for his friends, Bethany masks her dismay and makes plans with Sarah.
As Nathan goes to get his mate Ian for the party, Sarah sneaks into the flat and is horrified to find Bethany scantily clad and passed out on the sofa.
Having brought Bethany back to no.8, Sarah tells Gary she's never letting her out of her sight again.
But when Bethany wakes up, she panics that she's late for Nathan's party and goes to leave.
Bethany's shocked to discover Sarah and Gary have locked her in and goes ballistic, hurling ornaments at the wall. Can Gary and Sarah contain Bethany's fury?
When Kate spots Johnny leaving Victoria Court with a good-looking woman, she wonders what he's up to.
Suspicious, Kate calls round to see her dad. When his leg gives way and he collapses, Johnny tries to play it down, revealing the woman Kate some him with earlier was a masseuse. Should she tell Jenny?
Later, after a mix up Aidan is forced to make out out that a hotel booking was made by him as a surprise for Eva. Will Eva buy it or is his affair about to be exposed?
Upset to hear Drew's taken a turn for the worse, Billy worries for Summer's future.
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