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Pictures: 7 Flaming Hot Storylines

There's a fire at the garage but who will end up feeling the heat? Shona comes face-to-face with David, Steve and Michelle struggle to cope, Bethany grows closer to Nathan and can Eileen get her happily ever after?


Kevin's under fire

Finding Kevin in a drunken stupor, kindly Phelan guides him to the old garage where he leaves Kevin to sleep it off in the back of a customer's car.
But not before stealing his keys...
Under Phelan's orders, Andy sets fire to the new part of the garage...
and grabs Kevin's laptop as he does a runner!
As the fire rages Freddie, Tyrone, Luke and Kevin watch in anguish.
While Phelan steps into the shadows with a satisfied smile...
The next morning, Tyrone confronts Kevin over the fire. Will Kevin be arrested on suspicion of arson?

Fight or flight for Andy

Having returned home, a shaken Andy shoves Kevin's laptop in a cupboard and his fire damaged clothes in the washing machine.
But Steph arrives back early and discovers Andy's blackened clothes. Glad to finally unburden himself, Andy tells Steph everything!
Steph listens aghast at his list of crimes. Will Steph report Andy or stand by her man?
With time working against him, Andy sets about going through all the CCTV footage, in a bid to get Kevin off the hook and finds footage of Phelan admitting to Todd that he was behind the building scam.
Hearing a knock at the door, Andy opens it and to his horror comes face to face with Phelan!
Spotting his own image on the computer screen, Phelan demands answers. How's Andy going to wriggle his way out of this one?
Meanwhile, Steph is waiting for Andy at the airport, will he show up to start their new life together in Portugal?

Will Eileen say 'I do'?

Eileen waits nervously for Phelan at the Register Office...
Will she become Mrs Phelan?

Daniel says thank you

Daniel thanks Sinead for all her help with his MA application and presents her with a venus fly trap.

Steve and Michelle struggle to cope

Nick tentatively checks that Steve is okay...
But when Nick questions whether Ruairi's death could possibly be due to something genetic, Steve sees red and punches him.
Later, Steve breaks down and confesses to Peter that Leanne is pregnant with his baby.
As Steve blames himself for Michelle's ordeal, will Peter be able to offer any words of comfort?
Meanwhile, Billy calls at the Rovers to discuss Ruairi's funeral arrangements with Michelle.
But, Liz is upset to realise Michelle hasn't involved Steve.

Shona faces David

David's incredulous when he finds Shona working at the cafe.
So you can imagine his reaction when Shona also reveals that she's staying at the Grimshaw's!
When Nathan calls in the cafe, he's shocked to find Shona behind the counter.
Shona serves him with ill-concealed loathing which leaves Roy curious.

Bethany's videos

Bethany shows Nathan some pictures on her phone of hair and makeup which she's done for friends.
Nathan's impressed and offering to give her his old camera, suggests she should do online tutorials. Bethany's flattered.
Having given Bethany the camera he promised her, Nathan lures her into his car suggesting she can film her online tutorials in his tanning salon.
In the tanning salon, Nathan films Bethany as she embarks on a French plait tutorial.
As Bethany finishes her video, Nathan showers her with compliments and suggests that next time, she should show a bit of her killer body. Will a flattered Bethany agree?
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