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Preview Pictures: Things To Look Out For Next Week

Coming up: Peter is attacked! Todd leads Paul astray and Craig uncovers Ray's dastardly plans...

Peter's Temptations

Peter is approached by a thug who wants a lift. But things turn nasty when he refuses!

Not only does Peter get hurt, but his taxi gets stolen too!

Luckily, a passerby stops to help and calls the police. But will Peter be okay?

Later, Adam and Daniel check on Peter when they worry that he is struggling to cope.

But things are worse than they think when Johnny and Jenny find him in a state.

Will Peter be okay?!

Sean's Sale Venture

Seans throws a make-up party for some of the residents and he’s thrilled to have made his first sale. 

Is this the beginning of a big opportunity?

(Loving the eyebrows Tyrone!)

Caught Red-Handed

Ray walks into his office to find Craig looking at the plans for the redevelopment of the street.

What will he have to say for himself?

Later, Craig calls round to see Gary and casually asks about the new building project. Will Gary spill the beans?

Todd Is Up To No Good

When Sarah disciplines Paul for sending out the wrong order, he resigns and storms off! 

So of course, Todd plies him with alcohol and encourages him to try on Billy’s robes...

What could possibly go wrong!?

Oh dear... Is Todd's plan working out perfectly?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street