Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: Mon 17 Oct - Fri 21 Oct

This week on the Street: The Platt’s attempt to save David from himself as Clayton’s murder trial begins, Craig takes the stand as a witness but will Mary break the law for Beth to be at her son’s side? And, shockwaves ripple through the Barlow household as the return of a familiar face looks set to have a lasting effect on the family!

Clayton takes to the stand on the first day of his murder trial. But will his manslaughter plea be successful with the jury?
A nervous Craig takes to the stand as a witness for the prosecution. How will he hold up when cross-examined in court?
A tearful Beth tells Mary how she’s supposed to be starting her community service but wants to lend her support to Craig in court today.
Will they both risk breaking the law for Beth to be there for her son?
Masquerading as Beth, Mary dons an orange tabard and does Beth’s community payback. But as Gemma and Craig wait nervously to be called into court, will Beth arrive in time?
As Craig enters the witness box he’s buoyed to see Beth in the public gallery.
Elsewhere, Audrey confronts Caz and tells her that as Maria’s friend, landlord and employer, she wants her out of the salon flat, how will Caz react to Audrey’s demands?
With David hell-bent on revenge, Gail and Nick know they need to act fast and hatch a risky plan to save David from himself… but can they outsmart him when they need to the most?
Having been locked in the Bistro cellar, David batters on the door in a fit of rage. Desperate to escape, will David be forced to take matters into his own hands?
But when Robert discovers Nick and Gail's plan will he intervene?
Elsewhere, Tracy bursts into the Rovers and rails at Steve and Michelle for failing to tell her about Jim’s genetic condition. Michelle is furious Leanne has told Tracy not only about Jim’s illness but about her pregnancy too...
When Ken announces that he leaves for his tour of Europe tomorrow, Tracy’s furious whilst Amy is impressed at his spontaneity.
Ken is all set for his break until the shock return of a familiar face leaves him dumfounded.
Having spotted the nasty gash on Peter’s forehead, Ken wonders what he’s been up to but doesn’t get a straight answer from his son. What is Peter hiding?
Leanne berates Peter for letting Simon down, how will Peter react to her scolding?
Furious with Peter, Tracy orders him to leave. But will Peter obey his sister’s wishes?
Coronation Street