Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

Next week on the Street: The police question Amy about Tyler, Kate and Rana start planning their wedding and can Tyrone let Mary down gently?

Mayhem for the McDonalds

Tracy is determined not to let Tyler and his mum interfere with her plans for adopting Amy's baby...
But, when things don't go her way, Tracy pins Tyler against a wall and offers him £5000 to have nothing more to do with them!
Later, Amy is questioned by the police, will Tyler be charged!?
Steve and Tracy are gutted to find out they’ve been gazumped on the new flat by Claudia, what will they do now?

Relationship on the Rocks?

Things only go from bad to worse for Sarah and Gary…
What will Sarah say when she finds out he quoting David an inflated price for repairs on Number 8!

Letting Mary Down Gently

Things get awkward when Tyrone tells Mary that they are nothing more than friends - how will she react?
HINT: Not well! Can he put things right with a little help from Ruby?

Money Mix Up

Sophie offers to put £200 towards Jack's holiday but proud Kevin is having none of it...
Meanwhile, there's a mix up with the collection money at the factory after a humbled Kevin mistakes it for the cash left by Sophie.
Can Gina explain the missing money, or has she accidentally landed herself in hot water?

Carla's Cover Up

Roy accuses jealous Carla of letting Abi take the blame for the fire, will the truth be revealed?

Wedding Woes

Kate and Rana realise that they have invited far too many people to their wedding. Can Kate's friend Lolly provide an answer to their problems?

A Grave Decision

Paul finds out that Clayton is allowed to attend his dad’s funeral.
But when Billy suggests Shona attends, will she take his advice?