Preview Pictures: Coming Up On Corrie

This week on the Street: Ed takes a stand, Gemma takes a brave step, Leanne and Steve try to remain positive and love is in the air for Evelyn...

Ed Takes A Stand

The Bistro opening party gets underway but Don continues to make racist remarks in front of the whole Bailey family.

Only this time Ed has had enough and challenges him on his behaviour.

The whole room falls silent as Ed explains he’s suffered racist abuse all his life, but he’ll never give up the fight to put a stop to it.

What will happen next?

Later, Michael tells Tianna that he’ll do everything he can to make the world a better place for her. As Grace looks on could this be the start of a thawing between them?

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As the two families lean on each other for support, the doctor breaks the news that Oliver’s condition is more serious than they first thought.

Steve and Leanne are devastated when the doctor suggests Oliver might have mitochondrial disease.

As Steve and Leanne jokily reminisce over Oliver’s childhood, Nick struggles to understand how they can be so jovial at a time like this.

Will they be okay?

Love Is In The Air

Returning from their dance, Evelyn and Arthur share a tender kiss.

But when Tyrone catches them having breakfast together will he believe his flustered gran when she explains that he just called in?

Gemma's Brave Step Forward

Gemma opens up to her support group about her struggles with the quads.

Later, with some encouragement from Cathy and Sean, Gemma finds the courage to record her a vlog about her feelings. Will it help?