Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

This week on the Street: Everyone says a final goodbye to Sinead, Gemma makes a shocking discovery and Robert's lies begin to catch up with him...

Sinead's Funeral

Sinead’s family and friends gather for her funeral.
Daniel returns in time and in a moving service everyone says their final goodbyes.

Detective Daniel

Daniel is devastated to discover that his laptop (containing all of Sinead’s videos) has been stolen.
In a bid to track the laptop down Daniel hunts around the local pawn shops. Things take a turn for the worse when he accuses a shopkeeper of handling stolen goods...
The police are called but can Craig calm the situation before things go too far?
Later, Beth calls at Daniel’s flat to find him sobbing on the floor. Can they begin building bridges in their relationship?

Uncovering The Truth

Paul and Gemma confront their mum about the recent robberies in the area. Can Bernie shed any light on what’s going on?
When she admits that it could be something to do with Kel, Gemma tells her she's gone too far this time. Either she helps get back Daniel's laptop or she's kicking her out and going to the police.
But, Gemma and Bernie find more than just Daniel's stolen laptop at Kel's place...
As they show Paul the photos, he's horrified to see his terrible past laid bare before them.
Bernie and Gemma are shocked to the core as Paul recounts his history with Kel. What will the family do now?

Robert's Lies Are Catching Up With Him

Carla is baffled to see Michelle Connor working alongside Robert as if nothing has happened...
And even more so when Michelle swears her to secrecy about the affair!
Vicky isn't quite as coy as she flies at Robert for leading a double life and letting her think he’d split up from Michelle.
Tyler sees red and throws a punch at Robert! Vicky’s devastated and angrily orders him to leave. Is this the end of their relationship?

One Big Happy Family

David and Shona tell Max and Lily their plans to adopt them formally. How will it go down with the kids?


Michael is shocked to bump into his ex, Grace with her daughter. Especially when she blanks him and drives off. What's going on?
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