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7 Things To Watch Out For Next Week

Here's our countdown to what's coming up on the cobbles!

Bethany makes a move on Gary

At dinner, Faye enjoys winding Bethany up by telling Gary how Bethany's fallen for a bloke twice her age.
Gary quizzes her about her crush, wanting to know who the older bloke is. Will Bethany confess all?
After downing some vodka, Bethany lets herself into Gary’s hotel room and makes out she's struggling to do up her zip.
Oblivious to Bethany's ulterior motives, Gary's happy to help...

Early Christmas for the Barlows

Simon is underwhelmed with his present from Peter, a console game he's already played.
But when Nick presents him with a drone, Simon's ecstatic. As Leanne rails at Nick for trying to upstage Peter, Peter slips out of No.1 and surreptitiously books a hotel room, who is his mystery woman?
Nick's intrigued when he spots Peter hiding a present in the drawer and goes snooping!
He's gutted to see it's a Bros tape labelled to the love of my life. Is Peter planning to make a move on Leanne?

David plays detective

David goes on the hunt for his stolen wallet - he's not bothered about the cash but it contained several photos of Kylie!
Returning to the club he confronts Shona over the wallet but she denies all knowledge leaving David frustrated.

Aidan v Adam!

Drunken Maria begs Aidan to stay the night with her, telling him she doesn't want to be alone. Will Aidan join her?
In the morning, Maria snuggles down to watch TV with Liam but in her hungover state she falls asleep. Meanwhile Liam heads to the kitchen where he switches on a gas ring...
Thankfully, Kirk returns to the flat and immediately notices the smell of gas.
In the Rovers, Kirk tears a strip off Adam, blaming him for plying Maria with drink.
When But, when Adam makes a disparaging remark about Maria, Aidan loses it and punches him in the face.
Maria takes Aidan back to her flat. As Aidan gazes into her eyes he admits he's fallen in love with her, will Maria reciprocate?

Maria's Judgement Day

Everyone gathers at Maria's flat, determined to celebrate Christmas with her before her court appearance.
When Eva finds out how Aidan punched Adam out of allegiance to Maria, she's proud of him and Aidan feels terrible.
Extracting himself from the party, Aidan heads to the factory where he texts Maria to join him.
Promising Maria that he's going to finish with Eva, Aidan and Maria kiss passionately...
Unaware that Johnny's seen everything! Is the game up?
The next morning, Maria heads to court...
Will she be spending Christmas behind bars?

6. Mary’s secret is outed

Rita, Audrey, and Erica listen open mouthed as Michelle unwittingly plays Norris' video, asking for help finding Mary's son.
Mary runs from the pub mortified. Norris explains he was only trying to help, but will Mary accept this?

Andy on the rob

When Steph accidentally orders too many tablet computers for the Bistro, Andy takes the opportunity to break in and steal them.
Hating himself, but desperate to keep Phelan off his back, Andy makes off the box.
Having discovered the burglary, Robert suspends Steph, pointing out there's no sign of a break-in and it was her job to lock up.
Andy's consumed with guilt as an upset Steph tells him that she's thinking of handing in her notice, as she can't be trusted.
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