Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: This Week On The Street

Is there a future for Todd and Billy with Summer? Anna's on the warpath as Seb is released, Mary stands in Bethany's way and Roy uncovers Brian and Cathy's secret!

Drew drops Summer off with Billy and Todd, explaining he hasn't told Summer about their plan yet as he'd like her to get to know them first.
As they chat over lunch, will Todd find himself warming to Summer?
When Summer admits to Billy and Todd that she knows Drew is lining them up to be her guardians they're moved by her bravery.
News arrives that Drew has been rushed into hospital where Drew's mother Geraldine is waiting.
Summer dissolves into tears as she breaks the news that Drew has died.
Later, Geraldine calls at No.11 and informs Billy and Todd they are not welcome at Drew's funeral and must never contact Summer again.
Billy's completely devastated.
Anna catches Faye, Phelan and Nicola arriving back with Seb from prison.
As Faye and Seb steal a kiss, Anna storms over and rants at Faye for disobeying her. How will Faye respond?
Anna apologises to Kevin for being a nightmare lately and vows to make it up to him. But when she finds a condom wrapper in the bin (which must have come from Faye and Seb) Anna's on the warpath!
Kevin tries to speak up for Faye but Anna turns on him for his lack of support and Kevin slams out!
Reminding Seb that Faye's only 15, a steely Tim threatens him with the police unless he finishes with her. How will Seb react?
Looking for a sympathetic ear Erica and Kevin share a bottle of wine.
Erica moans to Kevin about Dev's treatment of her. Kevin sympathises but when Erica leans in for a kiss will he respond?
Tyrone is jealous of Fiz's friendship with antiques specialist Kim, especially when he suggests Fiz look at doing the antiques course herself...
Suspicious Mary calls at No.8. Bethany admits she's going to start a new life with Nathan but Mary bars her way.
Likening the situation to her own rape. Can Mary make Bethany see that the things Nathan makes her do are wrong?
Yasmeen tells Brian and Cathy it's high time they stopped hiding like children, pointing out that Roy will just have to deal with their relationship.
Roy returns home to find that Brian has a girlfriend stuck in the bathroom and insists he helps free the damsel in distress.
But as a sheepish Cathy emerges from the bathroom, how will Roy react?
Coronation Street