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Preview Pictures: Don't Miss Next Week's Drama!!

Coming up: Todd is doing his best to cause trouble between Billy and Paul, but will he succeed? Also: David and Shona struggle to communicate and Gail has a warning for Natasha!

Trouble Follows Todd

Billy and Mary are astounded to discover that Todd has returned!

And it seems as though his shady dealings have brought an unwelcome visitor to the cobbles…

It doesn’t take long before Paul gets involved in the commotion!

But of course Todd seizes the opportunity to cause trouble!

David Speaks Up

David and Shona are encouraged to communicate more to strengthen their relationship.

But David is upset when Shona casually brings up painful memories from his past. 

Will they be able to overcome this?

Scott's Plan

Scott talks Johnny through his dastardly plans.

But Johnny is worried sick. What will he decide to do?!

Natasha's Help

Gail approaches Natasha and warns her to keep her hands off Nick!

We're sure Natasha will have a thing or two to say about that...

Later, Natasha pops by and offers to make a very generous donation to Oliver's fund.

Will Leanne take her offer kindly?

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Logo of Coronation Street
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Coronation Street